Tract Consultants - Saltwater Coast - Estate

Tract Consultants - Saltwater Coast - Wetlands

Tract Consultants - Saltwater Coast - Signage

Tract Consultants - Saltwater Coast - Boardwalks

Tract Consultants - Saltwater Coast - Masterplan

2012 to NH Architects Sir Osborne McCutcheon Award for Commercial Architecture - AIA

Tract Consultants alongside FKP have developed an enduring vision and memorable identity for the "Saltwater Coast" residential community.

The built form and environment combine to create a distinctive, exciting and engaging place for people to live and recreate. Through skillful layout and design, Saltwater Coast features iconic views of the Melbourne city, revealed at every turn.

Saltwater Coast boasts and activity centre, lifestyle centre and an extensive parkland and trail network for community recreation and relaxed lifestyle.
Residential lots include premium dwellings captivating views to Port Phillip Bay, whilst more affordable lots have been designed for a low-maintenance lifestyle.

In developing the contemporary coastal character, place themes, planting and recreational infrastructure such as, wetlands, parklands, shelters, boardwalk and playgrounds have been implemented into the master plan and delivery on the ground.

Tract Consultants has successfully combined site responsive design, place branding, vision and innovation.

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