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Rural Estate - Tract Consultants

Rural Estate Mortlake - Homestead Masterplan - Tract Consultants

Rural Estate Mortlake - Homestead Entry - Tract Consultants

Rural Estate Mortlake - Homestead Pool Detailed Plan - Tract Consultants

Rural Estate Mortlake - Homestead Farm Sheds - Tract Consultants








2000 acres


In Progress

Capability Brochures

This western district rural estate is defined by a stately historic homestead, surrounded by substantial, mature ornamental gardens, within an operation farm.

Tract was engaged to undertake two tasks, a whole farm masterplan, and a masterplan for the homestead gardens.

The property masterplan addressed the nearly 2,000 acre operating farm, advocating the creation of a habitat corridor and wetland system along a degraded creek-line, rethinking the vehicle circulation and arrival experience, boundary plantings, views and visitor experience.
A masterplan for the 5 acre homestead garden created a series of delineated spaces within the framework of existing mature plantings. A new geometry, sympathetic to the much loved gardens surrounding the house, adapted the homestead to the current generations' uses for it. The plan included a swimming pool, tennis court, external terraces, arbor-covered walk, extended ornamental gardens and improved physical and visual connection to the creek and lake either side of the homestead.

Rural Estate_____

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