Tract Consultants - Project Star Sydney Casino - Entrance

Tract Consultants - Project Star Sydney Casino - Night Life

Tract Consultants - Project Star Sydney Casino - Entrance Road

Tract Consultants - Project Star Sydney Casino - Streetscape Planting


Brookfield Multiplex


Sydney, NSW


$8 million



Capability Brochures

Tract was involved with the design and construction for the original Sydney Casino and were reengaged to undertake the $850m Casino redevelopment. The project was divided into separate components comprising of Project Star casino, Project Star hotel, the multi-use entertainment facility, the sovereign room and ballroom expansion. The casino also borders the recently completed Union Street cycleway, a Tract project undertaken for the City of Sydney.
This project demonstrates the synthesis of multi-disciplined technical and operational requirements of street environments into a cohesive public domain. Tract’s role included the preparation of the SEE for the development application, the ongoing liaison with the City of Sydney for the public domain to achieve design acceptance and subsequent construction documentation for hard and soft landscape. Liaising with two architectural groups, Cox Group for the hotel and Fitzpatrick and Partners for the casino, and multi-use entertainment facility.

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