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Precinct 15 in Altona North is an area of 67 hectares of industrial land which has been earmarked for rezoning and redevelopment. Precinct 15 is one of the most significant urban renewal opportunities in Melbourne given its size and close proximity to the central city.

Tract has been engaged by a consortium of Precinct landowners to co-ordinate the structure planning and rezoning of the land. Tract's town planners, urban designers and landscape architects have been involved in the project from its inception and are working with Council and state government to comprehensively plan for the redevelopment of the Precinct.
Tract is also coordinating a large team of sub consultants to provide a range of specialist inputs relating to matters including transport, remediation, community infrastructure, economic impact and ESD.

Tract's role includes the preparation of the Precinct Structure Plan, planning scheme amendment, community engagement strategy and Development Contributions Plan for the Precinct.

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