Tract Consultants - Port Phillip Principal Pedestrian Network - Shortest Routes Plan

Tract has been engaged by the City of Port Phillip to develop a Principal Pedestrian Network (PPN) for the entire municipality. This project utilised the PPN Methodology developed by Tract in conjunction with the Department of Transport in 2010.

The PPN will form a strategic network of pedestrian routes to promote walking for transport. A route within the PPN will provide the highest level of priority for pedestrians and would have characteristics such as generous footpaths, shade and weather protection, seating and priority over other transport modes at intersections. The PPN will also provide a planning and policy tool for the development and promotion of walking as a mode of transport.
The project provided analysis of the shortest walking routes between residential origins and various key destinations utilising complex GIS techniques. This enabled the delineation of the PPN based on the greatest intensity of potential pedestrian trips. The PPN was then validated with pedestrian counts and local Council officer knowledge.

The PPN will enable Council to focus future walking projects and negotiate a greater priority for walking as a transport mode when determining modal priorities with VicRoads.

Port Phillip Principal Pedestrian Network_____

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