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Tract Consultants was engaged by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries to prepare the Point Nepean Quarantine Station Sustainable Use and Tourism Framework (SUTF), which was publically released in April 2013.

The former Point Nepean Quarantine Station site is a highly significant natural and historic community asset. It has a multi-layered, rich and varied history of environmental evolution and human use.

The Quarantine Station comprises 17 hectares within the Point Nepean National Park. The site has a village-like character with a large cluster of heritage buildings on a cleared, grassy setting beside the Port Phillip coastline.

The purpose of the SUTF was to provide direction on what uses, activities and development may be possible in this unique and culturally rich national park. The SUTF envisages an integrated mix of tourism, education, recreation and community uses, in keeping with the Quarantine Station’s cultural and heritage values. It also encourages adaptive reuse of existing heritage buildings and new development that is appropriately located and scaled.
An overarching vision and a series of guidelines were established to realise the Quarantine Station’s recreation and tourism potential, and to protect and enhance its unique character.

The SUTF has been used to inspire creative thinking and innovative tourism proposals for the Quarantine Station. Tourism will play an increasingly important role at Point Nepean, as improving the quality and diversity of the visitor experience will contribute to a greater level of appreciation, understanding, and economic and social investment in this significant place.

Tract worked with a variety of stakeholders to ensure the preservation and interpretation of the natural and cultural heritage values of the site, and to develop an innovative vision for its future. Through the protection and strengthening of natural and cultural values, Point Nepean will become a nationally and internationally significant cultural and nature-based tourism destination.

In 2007, Tract Landscape were commissioned to prepare a masterplan for the Quarantine Station at Point Nepean, click here for more.

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