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Point Addis - Tract Consultants

Tract Consultants - Point Addis - The Meadow

Tract Consultants - Point Addis - Swale

Tract Consultants - Point Addis - Masterplan

Tract Consultants - Point Addis - The Lawn

Tract Consultants - Point Addis - Driveway


Private Residence



Project Brochure

Tract Consultants were approached by a private client to prepare a landscape concept for a remarkable property nestled within the wind swept, south facing slopes of the Otway Plain, between Anglesea and Point Addis.

The landscape design objective for the property was to create a landscape concept that met the client’s brief while respecting the site’s local context and the unique landscape character of the indigenous bush.
A generous grass meadow extends north west from the dwelling and is framed by a vegetated mound to the north. The meadow provides opportunities for more active endeavors and is in contrast to the more intimate setting of the children’s garden which is a tapestry of mounded garden beds supporting a variety of curiously formed native trees and shrubs, together with a Leptospermum arbor, Volley ball court and grassed amphitheatre.

The main drive was realigned to capture views to the south of Western Port Bay. A rock lined swale loosely follows the drive and captures runoff that is stored in underground tanks below the children’s garden. Beyond the drive is a beautiful garden that showcases a rich and abundant palette of native flowering shrubs. The large drifts of planting support a collection of colour, form and foliage and sit alongside crisp, sweeping manicured lawns resulting in a striking landscape composition.

Point Addis_____

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