Penguin Plus - Aerial - Tract Consultants

Penguin Plus - Bunker Interior - Tract Consultants

Penguin Plus - Penguin Parade Seating - Tract Consultants

Penguin Plus - Drone Aerial - Tract Consultants

Penguin Plus - Boardwalk Lighting - Tract Consultants

2016 AILA Award Of Excellence - Tourism (VIC)
2016 AILA Award Of Excellence - Tourism (National)
2016 United Nations Association of Australia - 2016 World Environment Day - Infrastructure Innovation Award

The Penguin Plus Viewing Area is the first major visitor facility to be redeveloped under the new site planning and design philosophy. The facility combines new boardwalk systems, contoured viewing locations and a new underground viewing room to create a world class wildlife viewing destination.

The new facilities fit seamlessly into the coastal landscape of the site and provide a unique visitor experience that in every way captures the spirit and the values of the place and the organisation.

Project Team
  • Landscape Architecture – Tract Consultants
  • Architecture – Wood Marsh
  • Structural Engineer – Webb Consult
  • Contractor – Lloyd Group
  • Lighting – Electrolight
  • Phillip Island Nature Parks Project Manager – Damian Prendergast
The Summerland Peninsula, at the western tip of Phillip Island, is home to the number one natural wildlife attraction in Australia, the Penguin Parade.

The Master Plan, completed by Tract Consultants in 2012, developed a creative redirection for the Summerland Peninsula that established a new vision for the setting that allowed for a more diverse and layered eco-tourism and recreation experience, and a compelling narrative to guide the visitor experience.

Within this framework, new and replacement facilities must represent best practice contemporary design standards, but also represent the values of the Phillip Island Nature Parks and the unique qualities of the Summerland environment.

Some images supplied by Phillip Island Nature Parks.

Penguin Plus Viewing Area_____

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