Tract Consultants - Northern Busway - Lutwyche Station Upper Level Seating

Tract Consultants - Northern Busway - Overbridge

Tract Consultants - Northern Busway - Kendron Brook & The Station

Tract Consultants - Northern Busway - Kendron Brook Stairs

Tract Consultants - Northern Busway - Lutwyche Station Dusk

2013 Qld Overall Award RW Hawken IEA
2013 Australia Award for Urban Design
2012 Be Inspired Award Bentley
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Tract was responsible for the planning and urban design of the bid for the Northern Busway component of the Airport Link, Northern Busway and Airport Roundabout Upgrade.

Our role commenced immediately with the Bid consortia, with our early design and planning advice directing appropriate "integral" urban design of the alignments, superstructure and circulation. First and foremost, our most valuable early involvement rested upon four key interventions:

  1. Attendance at all workshops and alignment discussions, to ensure that our awareness of proposals facilitated early interventions to review, add value and ensure urban design appropriate outcomes;
  2. Dissemination to key engineering teams the value of urban design in past busways and civil infrastructure and exemplar delivery of possible outcomes;
  3. Pragmatic and sub-objective review of alignments from a UD perspective. Tract developed a weighted assessment matrix of core urban design criteria, which could be applied to each and every alignment option, to ensure a consistent and accurate review of true urban design impacts. This highlighted both positive and negative outcomes and placed an "objective" engineering embraced framework on criteria, which are otherwise subjective and, thus, not taken seriously by the engineering fraternity; and
  4. Identifying commercial opportunities for remnant resumptions, in order to maximize commercial returns and build density.
Immediately prior to the release of the formal documents for opening of the bid process, this information and a detailed analysis of the consortium’s proposed Northern Busway alignments and arrangements was formalised into a report, clearly delineating the core urban design parameters and charting a way forward for Urban Design within the Bid Progression.

At this juncture, the detailed planning design began in earnest to deliver a comprehensive design suite which identified:

  1. Concept Planning of Detailed Urban Design relative to civil alignments;
  2. Concept Planning of Detailed Urban Design relative to Structural Elements – Tunnels, Noise Walls, Troughs, Balustrades;
  3. Conceptualisation of Key Impact Vistas and Circulation; and
  4. Detailed Costing and Brief Rationale and Submission Text.
A brief synopsis for a massive undertaking, with key staff involved full time for 12 months and a team of technical supporters working superlatively well for over 4months, delivering a suite of documents which (by word of mouth from an assessor) stood head and shoulders above all others for clarity and design resolution.

While Urban Design and Landscape Architecture may never win a bid such as this in isolation, Tract is confident that our design delivery maximized our odds for success and we are certain that our concepts were a key factor in the winning Bid.

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