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Mildura Rural City Council


Mildura, VIC





The Mildura Water Play facility is part of a redevelopment programme to revitalise a 10km stretch of run-down public park.

The facility is located adjacent to an ornamental lake and has been designed to re-invigorate the lake and encourage greater use.

The facility includes a 40m long artificial stream laid out like a river delta with divergent paths, islands and rivulets.
Along the length of this watercourse are fountains, programmed water geysers, splash pads, manual water pumps and other play elements.

Further interest is added to the watercourse through different surface and textures, such as river cobbles and naturalistic boulder placement.

The facility is completed with pergolas, BBQ facilities and indigenous tree and shrub plantings which will in time provide a shady and restful setting.

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