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A grand residence (circa 1890) located in Middle Park, originally surrounded by extensive gardens, had suffered neglect in the second half of the 19th century – the grounds being subdivided; the building extensively modified for institutional purposes and garden replaced with concrete car-parking & ancillary buildings.

In 2008, the property changed hands and was returned to its original use as a private residence. Extensive restoration of the mansion and the design and delivery of entirely new garden, with the exception of a single stoic Flowering Gum, occurred concurrently and were completed in 2012.
Verdant and formal, in keeping with the Victorian Italianate mansion, the garden provides a landscape of scale and stature to frame the building. Using a palette of green and white exotic trees and shrubs, the garden is dynamic, despite being chromatically restrained. The key to the garden not being static or austere is the plant design and careful attention to its maintenance – particularly shaping plants to billowy, naturalistic form, rather than hedging in straight lines.

For its inner urban location, the garden is remarkably private as it has been enclosed by tall evergreen screen trees to the boundary, punctuated with statuesque Canary Island Date Palms.

This garden is a place for retreat, a space for social gatherings and a gallery for sculpture. It is a private garden for a grand home.

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