Tract Consultants - MIC Hanoi - Tower

Tract Consultants - MIC Hanoi - Plaza

Tract Consultants - MIC Hanoi - Masterplan

Tract Consultants - MIC Hanoi - Tower At Night

Tract & FKA won the first place of this international design competition for mix use development in Hanoi, Vietnam. The team proposed a luxury multiple-layer green open space, with the orient “Garden Space” as the main concept. Tract did landscape design, 3D illustration and a short animation.
The project site is located within this new urban belt west of Hanoi. Its’ surrounds contain a mix of French colonial and contemporary urban grid and built form.

Amongst this complexity and contradiction sits the garden. The richness of its depth is the metaphor from which to draw the endless resource potential that can carry Hanoi’s future.

MIC Hanoi_____

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