Tract Consultants - McLarens Wharf - 3D Render

Tract Consultants - McLarens Wharf - Masterplan

Port Adelaide was once the major thriving industrial port for South Australia. The relocation of port activities, as well as the proximity of other regional centres such as West Lakes and Arndale (offering a greater range of retail facilities and services), has led to a decline in the Port Adelaide Regional Centre over recent decades.

Two key study locations were identified; McLaren Wharf and Cruickshank’s Corner precincts. Approaching these two precincts as a single master planning study optimises development outcomes and achieves a high quality urban environment. Cruickshank’s Corner, situated on the northern side of the River, opposite McLaren Wharf, provides an opportunity to generate activity along the waterfront and draw people through to McLaren Wharf and ultimately the Port Adelaide Centre through improved connections.
The Design Principles were agreed with the local community through significant and comprehensive community consultation events;

  1. Celebrate the Waterfront
  2. Enhance City Streets
  3. Support a Diverse Community
  4. Promote the Port’s History
  5. Provide a Welcome for Visitors
  6. Facilitate Coming and Going
  7. Ensure a City for People
The Master Plan aims to provide an investment strategy to assist in the revitalisation of the Port Adelaide Centre. The McLaren Wharf Precinct, located adjacent the Port Adelaide Centre, is considered to be prime public waterfront area hosting the historic Customs House and Fisherman’s Wharf Markets, yet it is characterised by fragmented land ownership and under-developed land holdings. Tract’s Master Plan capitalising on the strategic location of the McLaren Wharf Precinct, provides an excellent opportunity to facilitate the revitalisation of the Port Adelaide Centre.

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