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The Dennis Family Corporation is developing Manor Lakes, a comprehensive residential community on their 750ha property on the western edge of Werribee.

When completed, Manor Lakes will be one of the largest cohesively planned urban developments in the Melbourne area with approximately 7000 lots planned.

It will provide a diversity of housing forms and styles integrated with a wide range of shopping, school, community, employment, recreation and open space facilities. Tract Consultants provided site analysis and design skills, detailed physical planning and landscape design.
Tract has been continuously involved with Manor Lakes since 1996 as primary Landscape Architects, Urban Designers and Town Planners, initially attaining rezoning for the site and the commercial precinct, then later designing all open space, road networks and in the production of marketing graphics for stages as they are released.

More recently, Tract’s planning department has managed the completion of a comprehensive Precinct Structure Plan for the next phase of the Manor Lakes development, which involves the provision of an additional 4,200 lots with associated activity centres, passive and active open space, roads, schools and community facilities. Tract also prepared and assisted in the development of the integrated Native Vegetation Management Plan and Development Contributions Plan, providing a holistic framework for the future use and development of the land.

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