Tract Consultants - Manor Lakes Activity Centre - 3D Model

Tract Consultants - Manor Lakes Activity Centre - Masterplan

Tract Consultants - Manor Lakes Activity Centre - Artistic Sketch

Tract assists the Dennis Family Corporation in the planning and urban design for the Manor Lakes Activity Centre. It is a designated Major Activity Centre under State Planning Policy that is intended to develop into a community focal point for this fast growing corridor of Melbourne. It will ultimately comprise more than 50,000 sqm of retail together with offices, community and medium density development, integrated with a new Wyndham Vale train station on the Regional Rail Link.
Tract assists strategic planning advice, preparing and coordinating planning scheme amendments, lodging planning permit applications, and VCAT advocacy. A further key role is preparing a development plan for the entire site that provides a framework for how the centre will grow over the next 20 years, considering issues such as road access, integration with the new station, retail demand, and built form outcomes.

The town centre forms an important component of the wider Manor Lakes Estate. At over 750 ha, the development will be one of the largest cohesively planned urban developments in the Melbourne area with approximately 6000 lots planned.

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