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East Malvern, VIC



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Situated in East Malvern and bounded by a mixture of residential styles and typologies common to the area, the landscape concept for the Malvern Hill apartments centred strongly upon the creation of a recognisable, pedestrian focused landscape spine that would connect both Elizabeth and Warner Streets.

This centrally located arbour walk, was as the primary landscape element intended to embrace and extend the prevailing leafy ‘Malvern’ character. Critically for local residents, pedestrian movement from Elizabeth to Warner Street was prioritised through the spine, whilst similarly providing the main pedestrian and vehicular entries into the development. The importance of the space is highlighted with bold patterned paving, reflective of the architectural philosophies and an avenue of regularly spaced semi advanced Chinese Elm’s on both grassed and massed shrubbed understorey. The resultant character recalls a ‘continuity’ found in the more classic streetscapes of Malvern.
On a functional level, the landscape is configured to enhance wayfinding throughout Malvern Hill Apartments, through an identifiable hierarchy of open spaces, from the central pedestrian “spine”, with its formal avenue of semi advanced Chinese elms, to the secondary pathways featuring mass plantings of species such as maples, camellias and Chinese fan palms.

Finally, within the larger internal courtyards, trees again feature prominently. Large Manchurian Pears serve to soften the built form and a simple controlled selection of hedges, groundcovers and paving common to both public and private courtyards provide intimate elegant spaces as extensions of the contemporary architecture for use by the Malvern Hill residents.

The selection of predominately exotic species was intended to seamlessly integrate Malvern Hill Apartments into the sought after, leafy ambiance of adjoining Malvern, whilst celebrating the renowned seasonal qualities of temperate Melbourne.

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