Logan River Vision - Vision Concept - Tract Consultants

Logan River Vision - Vision Report - Tract Consultants

Logan River Vision - Vision Plan - Tract Consultants

Tract collaborated with Logan City Council to develop the Logan River Vision which communicates the community’s bold, 50-year vision, through an informative report and video.

Council conducted 10 weeks of community engagement, consulting with other 10,000 community members, producing a large amount of content. Tract worked with Logan City Council to collate and distil this large amount of feedback into a concise and visionary document.

The Logan River bisects the Logan Region and the project’s scope was wide, from the “mountains to the bay”, so we identified different character areas called “reaches” to study. There were 42 ideas for projects and management, called “opportunities”, which were categorised into 3 themes of River Health, Destinations and Play.

Logan River Vision Strategy_____

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