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2013 UDIA Media Award
2005 PIA Presidents Award for most outstanding contribution to Excellence in Planning
2005 PIA Melbourne 2030 Media Public Award
2005 AILA Merit Award (VIC)

Melbourne’s leading daily newspaper commissioned Tract Consultants and ACIL Tasman to prepare a study looking at the liveability of Melbourne’s Suburbs. The results - Liveable Melbourne, including a map ranking all 314 suburbs, featured prominently on the front page of Saturday’s Age, along with a background piece outlining the methodology and raising questions such as ‘what exactly is liveability?’

The series ran for 7 consecutive days, with Sunday’s Age correlating liveability with housing prices, and the weekday editions looking at the various indicator results, such as public transport, shopping and crime. The series culminated with an editorial asking what liveability meant for Melbourne’s future. Not everyone agreed with the results, but it has become a talking point across Melbourne and raised the profile of important planning and demographic issues. The series has recently received 5 awards from the UDIA, PIA and AILA, including the prestigious PIA President’s Award for Planning Excellence and a National Media Award.
Tract offers a range of services that build from this study. In-depth analysis of particular regions and locations can be prepared for Councils and developers, which provide advice on how areas can improve liveability over time.

Tract updated the study in 2011 in the Melbourne Magazine which dedicated the entire issue to the research.

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