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Kinnears Ropeworks - Sketch Functional Art - Tract Consultants

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The Kinnears Ropeworks site in Footscray is a significant inner urban renewal site of over 3 hectares on Ballarat Road, close to Footscray Central Activities District. Tract was engaged by consecutive property owners to facilitate the residential and mixed use redevelopment of this former industrial land.

For the previous and current owners Tract has provided town planning and landscape architecture services as well as coordinating a large consultant team to achieve the rezoning of the land and the implementation of overlay controls; and more recently, the approval of a Development Plan for the site.

The Kinnears site is a significant heritage asset and is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. The consideration and resolution of heritage matters was therefore a significant part of the amendment and Development Plan approvals processes.
Once developed, Kinnears will accommodate:
  • Over 1400 dwellings in buildings ranging from 5 to 18 levels;
  • A neighbourhood mixed use activity centre;
  • A public plaza and other public spaces;
  • The integration of heritage buildings and spaces with new development;
  • Pedestrian connections through the site to connect with the local neighbourhood.

Kinnears is a successful example of Tract’s multi-disciplinary approach and project management skills.

The process also involved significant discussion and negotiation with local and state government as well as a number of public authorities to achieve a successful outcome for our clients in a timely and efficient manner.

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