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Jack’s Magazine was built in the late 1870s along the banks of the Maribyrnong River to provide safe storage for bulk explosives imported to Victoria for use in gold mining operations. It is a site of significant State historic and heritage value, now being managed by Working Heritage Victoria.

Tract has been engaged by Working Heritage Victoria to prepare a site management plan for Jack's Magazine and to lead a design, planning and engagement process to determine new uses, activities and activation of the site into the future.

The unique complex comprises all the property contained within the bluestone perimeter wall, as well as the man-made canal which links the complex to the Maribyrnong River, loading dock shed which sits to the north of the bluestone wall, and the haulage road.
Given the physical nature and form of the site, and its high level of intactness overall, identifying ways to adapt the site and buildings in a sensitive and sympathetic manner presents a considerable challenge. Determining an acceptable degree of physical intervention into the fabric of the place is critical to its future use and viability.

Tract assembled a suitable engagement process to gather, discuss and test future users of the site, potential tenants and the way the local community would like to see the site used into the future. As part of this engagement process, Tract Media was tasked with creating an online community website accompanied by a flythrough animation of the project site, to be launched as part of the first community engagement open day at Jack’s Magazine.

Photo Credit: Images provided by Working Heritage Victoria

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