Tract Consultants - Interia Burwood - Burwood Highway Grassland Frontage

Tract Consultants - Interia Burwood - Bronte Avenue Reserve Shelter

Tract Consultants - Interia Burwood - Burwood Highway Stone-clad Wall

Tract Consultants - Interia Burwood - Residential Garden

Tract Consultants - Interia Burwood - Bronte Avenue Reserve Playground

2015 Built Environment Award (City of Whitehorse)

The Interia residential development at 333 Burwood Highway comprises four apartment complexes and 123 dwellings on an elevated site previously occupied by educational facilities. The low-density nature of the site’s former use ensured the retention of a strong native landscape setting including trees and small pockets of native grassland.

Working with Australand and architects Darryl Jackson (apartments-conceptual) and RotheLowman (residential dwellings) since 2008, Tract has provided landscape master planning, planning approval processing, and full detail design and documentation of all aspects of the development.
From the outset, Tract saw the project’s components of architecture, landscape and environmental design acting as the harmonising overlay, creating a subtle cultural and ecological narrative for the development. The landscape response drew on a palette of materials and plants that are sensitive to the existing native landscape setting but using a contemporary design vocabulary to integrate natural and built form.

The landscape works associated with the development include the prominent Burwood Highway frontage, the protection and enhancement of native grassland within parkland areas, play and recreation facilities, development of pedestrian connections to adjoining open spaces and Burwood Highway, and the creation of streetscape and residential garden settings.


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