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Hidden Valley is located on a stunningly beautiful 1,000ha site on the northern edge of the Wallan township, 50km north of Melbourne. Tract has had an ongoing role throughout the development of the Hidden Valley estate, providing landscape design and planning services including subdivision layout, detailed house siting, streetscape plans, entry feature design, preparation of design guidelines, preparation of planning permit applications and development facilitation.

Tract’s work commenced with the comprehensive masterplanning and rezoning necessary for the transformation of the site from an equestrian stud into an estate providing for a unique rural recreational lifestyle. At completion the development will comprise approximately 950 residential lots.

Key recreational facilities include the golf course, country club, stables and equestrian arena, open space trails, parkland and planned hotel/conference facilities and village centre.

Working closely with the client, Hidden Valley Australia Pty. Ltd. and the multidisciplinary project team, Tract’s designers, planners and landscape architects have set out the development in accordance with the key principle of retaining open rural character and remnant bushland areas.
The residential allotments range from clusters of 400m2 lots arranged in a manner reminiscent of "Tuscan" hillside villages, through large residential lots of 1,000m2 to rural residential lots of 1ha to 25ha.

The lots have been located to both capture and preserve the views of the stunning central valley and to have easy access to the recreational facilities and village centre. Tract’s ongoing involvement throughout the development has also enabled the design of each stage of subdivision to be market responsive.

The creation of the Tuscan themed community is supported by adherence to design guidelines prepared by Tract in association with the client and architects. These govern the siting and design of housing and landscaping. The design guidelines are included on the titles of the residential lots and also address aspects such as building materials to ensure a high level of visual amenity.

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