Garangula Gallery - Arrival Courtyard - Tract Consultants

Garangula Gallery - Gallery Forecourt - Tract Consultants

Garangula Gallery - Arrival & Function Courtyard - Tract Consultants

Garangula Gallery - North Elevation To Gallery - Tract Consultants

Garangula Gallery - South Elevation & Function Gallery - Tract Consultants

Garangula Gallery - Illustrative Masterplan - Tract Consultants

2016 AILA Landscape Architecture Award - Garden (National)
2015 AILA Landscape Architecture Award - Design (NSW)

The Garangula Gallery is located at Garangula Farm on the Southwest Slopes of New South Wales, 380 km from Sydney and 140km from Canberra.

The landscape architecture component of the project involved site selection, design and documentation, coordination, procurement and supervision of external works and landscape design of the new gallery.

The gallery, a thoughtful, refined and beautifully executed building, has been fully integrated in to the site, connected to external spaces and reflects the material heritage of the property.
Tracts role united the design and delivery team to resolve all external works issues.

Tract was responsible for all external site works, the resolution of servicing infrastructure, soil management, plant selection, propagation, procurement and perhaps most importantly, our main contribution was in ‘landscape stewardship’ of the site, in the context of delivering a very complex building (commenced prior to detailed design resolution) within a limited and fixed budget.

Garangula Gallery_____

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