Tract Consultants - Eynesbury Township - Masterplan

Tract Consultants - Eynesbury Township - Stage 1 Aerial

2010 UDIA Environmental Excellence
2010 PIA Environmental Planning
2010 UDIA Commitment and Contribution
2007 AILA Merit Award (VIC)

Eynesbury Station is a broad acre rural holding located 40 kilometres west of Melbourne between the growth areas of Werribee and Melton. Eynesbury Station is the largest parcel of land in one ownership in this region.

Tract was commissioned by Woodhouse Pastoral Co. to co-ordinate the rezoning of a 1300 hectare part of this large rural landholding to allow a unique township and integrated recreation development.

The development will incorporate principles of new urbanism in respect of built form interface to public realms and will also importantly incorporate sustainable development through the re-use of grey effluent water from nearby Surbiton Treatment Plant for golf course maintenance and for agricultural purposes on the balance of the property and third pipe to homes.

Tract continues to assist the JV partnership in obtaining permits for use developments of the land for this exciting new township.

To read more about the Eynesbury Township landscape design click here
Following the rezoning Tract has assisted the Eynesbury Development joint venture in obtaining a Development Plan approval for:
  • Retail – 10,000 square metres
  • Commercial Office – 6,000 square metres
  • Personal Services – 2,000 square metres
  • Medical/Dental Office – 2,000 square metres
  • Service Industry – 12,000 square metres
  • Entertainment Industry – 1,500 square metres
  • 2 x Schools – 70,000 square metres (inclusive of grounds)
  • Golf Recreation (potential for up to 2 courses) – 1,650,000 square metres
  • Homestead/Hotel area – 140,000 square metres
  • 4,500 residential allotments – 3,860,000 square metres
  • Equestrian Facilities – 420,000 square metres
  • Open Space Reserves including active open spaces (playing fields) and passive open spaces including trails and tracks – 1,100,000 square metres
  • Urban Rural interface buffers – 290,000 square metres
  • Areas protected from development – 4,490,000 square metres
  • Two community centres providing services including maternal child health, youth facilities and aged care services
  • Emergency services, and
  • Potential fora retirement village.

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