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Tract Consultants - Echo Point - Railing and Signage

Tract Consultants - Echo Point - Facilities

Tract Consultants - Echo Point - Feature Seating

2005 President's Awards IFLA Eastern Region (Japan, China, SE Asia, India, Middle East and Oceania - All Award Winners)
2004 AILA Award of Excellence - Landscape Architecture (National)
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Tract was the principal consultant for the redevelopment of the public domain, and visitor facilities for this ‘national scenic attraction’, Echo Point.

The commission was awarded by public tender process. The project involved the significant upgrade and redevelopment of the public domain, streetscapes and facilities at NSW’s premier tourist destination. This project was extremely intricate and ‘political’.

Tract was the principal consultant working on behalf of the Blue Mountains City Council. There were 10 subconsultants on the project.
The outstanding feature of the commission is that Tract has – by way of an exhaustive bench-marking and design process – gained approval to a new design scheme, and has had put aside an earlier masterplan design that had already been approved by the public consultation process. The revised scheme was universally endorsed by the Steering Task Force and was constructed.

Construction was completed in April 2003, within the $6 million budget.

Echo Point Revitalisation won the AILA National Design Award in 2004, and the Presidents Award for IFLA Eastern Region in 2005.

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