Tract Consultants - Eastside Gibraltar - Masterplan

Tract Consultants - Eastside Gibraltar - Circulation Plan

Tract Consultants - Eastside Gibraltar - Lagoon Detail

Tract Consultants - Eastside Gibraltar - Catlan Bay Detail

2007 AILA Commendation - Design (VIC)

Tract Consultants in association with Fender Katsalides Architects, provided the landscape masterplan for Eastside Gibraltar, a mixed use community on the eastern coastline of Gibraltar.

The current ‘rubble tipping’ site, at the base of ‘The Rock’ will be transformed into a waterfront community capturing the essence of this Mediterranean location.

It will be supported by cultural, leisure, retail and commercial facilities, linked by a sequence of memorable landscape squares, plazas and recreational settings.

The landscape masterplan reinforces the integrated approach to urban planning and architectural design, providing unity and continuity that will contribute to the overall success of Eastside.
Fundamental to the landscape masterplan was the response to the extensive environmental brief, far broader, that the usual water-sensitive and drought tolerant requirements.

The masterplan provides for development of three precincts, each with a recreational focus: Eastern Beach, the Lagoon Precinct and Catalan Bay.

Emphasis will be placed upon safe and comfortable walkability, throughout a network of lanes and shared streets, punctuated by plaza and green spaces.

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