Tract Consultants - Deer Park Bypass - Sculpture

Tract Consultants - Deer Park Bypass - Fence

Tract Consultants - Deer Park Bypass - Overpass

Tract Consultants - Deer Park Bypass - Road

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The recently completed Deer Park Bypass is forms part of the Western Highway upgrades, as a road of national significance, linking the Western Ring Road at Fitzgerald Road to the Western Highway beyond Caroline Springs.

The landscape and urban design of the bypass responds to the surrounding environment through which it travels, being reflected in the colours of the retaining walls, noise walls, the planting layout and palette.
The bypass is innovative in its response to the use of materials, showcased in the noise wall and retaining walls with its full height concrete zig-zag arrangement for the retaining walls and abutments to the use of painted and galvanized bond deck for its noise walls.

Tract Consultants were responsible for the detailed design of all elements of the landscape and urban design including the detailed design of the noise walls.

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