Tract Consultants - Darebin Review - Accessibility Plan

Tract Consultants - Darebin Review - Cross Section

Tract was engaged in 2011 by Darebin City Council and the Department of Planning and Community Development to undertake a comprehensive review of land use and built form controls along the St Georges Road, High Street and Plenty Road tram corridors.

With two tram lines and a train line, the study area is amongst the most transport rich parts of Melbourne. Together with its inner-city location, the implementation of major tram infrastructure upgrades and availability of former industrial land, the study area presents a strategic opportunity for urban renewal and residential intensification.
The purpose of the study was to review the existing planning controls in the study area and recommend changes to facilitate higher density and mixed use development.

As part of the review, the study included an analysis of recent permit and development activity and utilised GIS analysis to determine the development potential of each lot in the study area in relation to its locational attributes and lot size. Charter Keck Cramer assisted Tract by undertaking a market feasibility analysis for development under both the existing and recommended planning controls.

In addition, Tract prepared Precinct Frameworks for seven key precincts anticipated to undergo significant change to guide future land use, built form, public realm and access outcomes.

Darebin Review of Land Use Controls_____

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