Convessa Concava - Rooftop Garden 01 - Tract Consultants

Convessa Concava - Rooftop Garden 02 - Tract Consultants

Convessa Concava - Masterplan - Tract Consultants

Convessa Concavo is a twin tower, residential mixed use development located on the main waterfront promenade of the Victoria Harbour precinct of Melbourne’s Docklands district.

Both towers are grounded by podiums, with residents facilities, including pool sauna, lounge and gym, included as part of stage 1, Convessa tower and being accessed by a pedestrian bridge for the residents of stage 2 Concavo development.

Tract Consultants were commissioned by Lend lease to design and oversee the construction of both tower’s resort decks and gardens.
In collaboration with the architects, Bates Smart, Tract created relaxing and functional outdoor terraces and gardens which extended the interior facilities to north facing gardens for use of residents and their guests, as well as providing a visual pattern to enhance the vistas from the upper levels.

Planted mounds screen vents and other infrastructure, whilst creating a variety of garden rooms all with panoramic views. Lush lawns provide space for BBQ users to spill out and enjoy a summer’s evening.

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