Tract have obtained a planning permit for the development of Central South Morang mixed use activity centre on a 3.7ha site at McDonalds Road in South Morang.

The approval provides for use and development of the land for a range of retail premises including a 3200sqm supermarket, bottle shop, food and drink premises, restaurant, convenience restaurant and take away food premises. In addition, the permit allows for office uses, a service station and carwash.

The proposal is designed to complement the main retail core of the South Morang Activity Centre, south of McDonald’s Road.
A key consideration was to develop a functional layout within an identified Major Activity Centre while retaining many of the protected river redgums that occur on the site. A landscape reserve provides a centralised area of amenity and this landscape feature is protected from undesirable access through passive design measures including discrete level changes and constructed walkways.

The architectural response accommodates appropriate pedestrian amenity within an environment that carries higher vehicle loads. The site planning allows for a future residential component, ideally located close to a recently developed railway station. The building design provides a highly articulated frontage that ensures a visually distinctive retail core for the South Morang Activity Centre.

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