Caulfield Village - Masterplan - Tract Consultants

Caulfield Village - Development Plan - Tract Consultants

Tract Consultants were the landscape masterplanners for the Caulfield Heath development, including the masterlanning and concept design for the entire precinct.

Tract's involvement continues with the detailed design of the residential precinct (currently under construction) and the mixed use precinct.

In the words of the consortium's director, Sam Beck, "The project will integrate into Caulfield, making it a world class suburb for Melbourne."
This state of the art urban precinct will be built on 5 hectares of vacant and under utilised land next to the racecourse.

Whilst the architectural design will be modern, the heritage of Caulfield will be respected, with the existing landscaping and buildings of the area influencing and being integrated into the design.

The focus on community and integration with the existing suburb is evidenced by the use of sustainable architecture and the harmonious integration of landscaping and adjoining parks.

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