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Australand Holdings Ltd


Cranbourne West, VIC


700 lots

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Developed by Australand, the Casiana Grove Estate is a 700 lot residential estate that seeks to reinforce the indigenous elements of the site and surrounding area, including indigenous culture, and native flora and fauna.

Tract developed a masterplan and detailed designs in conjunction with City of Casey, Melbourne Water, and a local indigenous artist in order to create an overall landscape which reflects the pre-settlement landscape and responds to the cultural history, as well as providing robust recreational spaces for residents and visitors.
The Entry Reserve incorporates feature planting of native flowering plants drawing on themes from the nearby Botanic Gardens. The entry feature comprises a series of portal frames and feature panels laser cut with Aboriginal artworks which tell a story about the history of the site. Tract worked with a local indigenous artist to develop the designs for these panels, as well as the designs for the hilltop area in the Central Reserve.

The Central Reserve also incorporates Water Sensitive Urban Design elements by way of bio-retention swales which treats stormwater runoff before it enters the adjoining Melbourne Water drainage system.

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