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Under the Canopy without compromising city lifestyle.

Tract was engaged by Pradella Property Ventures in 2013 as the Landscape Architects for all 6 Stages of the Canopy Bardon development inclusive of the 3 apartment buildings, 44 townhouse and townhome sites, internal public/social communal spaces and water sensitive urban solutions.

Throughout the delivery process Tract provided early and continual best practice and sustainable outcomes focused on achieving excellence in all aspects of the project and aligned to the project vision.

Our proactive inputs aligned with close coordination and collaboration with the full consultant team and construction teams, challenging traditional practices.
Canopy Bardon has set a new standard of careful and considered integration between sensitive natural environments and multi-residential dwelling developments.

The successful respect and alliance between built form and environment has ensured the protection and preservation of this unique site setting and delivered a high quality, integrated and intelligent community, spoilt by inner-city lifestyle and liveability.

Following on the success of all aspects and integration of design principles, application and obligations of environmental sustainability and sensitivity, Canopy Bardon recently received the 2017 UDIA Small Scape Development Award.

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