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Tract was engaged by Lend Lease as the lead consultant for the landscape works of the informal district park - Buxton Park, located in the developing suburb of Yarrabilba.

The objective of Buxton Park was to create an integrated space which allowed for social and environmental interaction of the Yarrabilba community with the stormwater management requirements and the existing woodland.

The brief from Lend Lease was for the creation of best practice landscape design, innovation, and a design which optimised the natural character of the site, including its backdrop, view lines and topography.

The design of Buxton Park was evolved on three principles.

Resolving Contrasts

Integrating contrasting values to build a coherent and interlinked environment through
  • Exploiting synergies and contrasts between water, nature and a place for people;
  • Considering and celebrating the edges, transitions and interactions between contrasting land uses;
  • Ensuring natural values pervade and permeate the surrounding community development.

Creating a variety of user experiences which exploit an enhanced diversity of places.
  • Open experiences, highly visible spaces where users can perform and spectators can watch;
  • Enclosed experiences, places of immersion in the natural environment and give a sense of discovery and engagement;
  • Linear experience, these are paths of travel that move through the various landscape typologies at high and low speeds;
  • Landmarks, these elements in the landscape orientate the user and provide a sense of a destination.

New Forms

Developing a new language of form on site which reflects its new roles.
  • The importance of water and storm water management reshapes the land form and provides a wider narrative;
  • The landscape is sculpted to reflect the fluid forms of the effects of water in the landscape;
  • Playful and dramatic.

The Buxton Park project has provided the community both locally and further afield with a multiuse park which allows for play, fitness and education.

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