Tract Consultants - Burwood Square - Illustration

Tract played a vital role in the planning and landscape decisions of Burwood Square, assisting Reading Entertainment to obtain Development Plan approval for a mixed use development comprising major retail, leisure and entertainment facilities at the former brickworks site on Middleborough Road, Burwood. In particular, Tract provided town planning and landscape architecture services on the project.

The site forms a significant part of the Burwood Heights Major Activity Centre and is a benchmark project to facilitate live/work and mixed use activities.
Burwood Square will comprise over 35,000sqm of retail floorspace, a multi-screen cinema complex, up to 700 dwellings, 20,000sqm of office floorspace, leisure and entertainment facilities, and community services all based around a "main street" retail/entertainment precinct and urban plaza.

Tract also coordinated the specialist consultant team comprising engineers, architects, site rehabilitation, flora and fauna, arborists, community infrastructure and economic experts. The approvals process included community involvement and extensive discussion and negotiation with a range of local and state government authorities.

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