Shire of Buloke


Buloke Shire, VIC




6 townships



Tract were engaged by Buloke Shire to prepare an Urban Design Strategy for five townships within the Shire, and to propose urban design strategies for renewal of the public realm and main streets within the townships.

The Strategy provides a focus for revitalisation at both municipal level and local level for the Shire’s five main townships. It aims to build upon and celebrate the unique character and identity of its key towns and of the Buloke community as a whole.

The five townships included in the Strategy are Birchip, Charlton, Donald, Sea Lake and Wycheproof.
The Strategy acknowledges that Buloke, like many other rural municipalities, is undergoing significant change and that successful design outcomes must be responsive and realistic in their approach. It also acknowledges that while there is a need to achieve good design outcomes within individual towns, these outcomes should complement and improve the overall liveability of the Shire.

The Strategy is made up of two interrelated components - strategies for renewal that apply 'shire wide' , and more specific design proposals for each township. Both sets of strategies are derived from a set of higher order design principles. These principles form the ‘back bone’ of the document and have been synthesised and translated into both sets of strategies.

The principles and strategies outlined in this document aim to both act as a prompt and provide the first initial steps towards creating communities that are unique and ‘great places’ to live in.

Buloke Township Strategies_____

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