Box Hill Hospital - Courtyard 01 - Tract Consultants

Box Hill Hospital - Childrens Courtyard - Tract Consultants

Box Hill Hospital - Courtyard 02 - Tract Consultants

Box Hill Hospital - Rooftop Garden - Tract Consultants

2015 Built Environment Award

Box Hill Hospital is located in Melbourne’s East. South Eastern Health commissioned the construction of a new wing for the Hospital, approximately doubling its capacity.

Tract were asked to join the design team by Lendlease. Working closely with Darryl Jackson and Silver Thomas Hanley architects Tract designed a series of roof top courtyards throughout the Box Hill Hospital with the aim of creating an environment conducive to healing and wellness.
Access to external space is known to sooth and assist with stress relief and can also facilitate an improvement in the overall sense of well-being of a person thereby improving experiences during hospital visits. Consequently views to the courtyards were included from wards where ever possible.

Collectively these spaces weave throughout the building creating a tapestry of green squares that complement the clean, new and minimalist design of the architecture.

Box Hill Hospital_____

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