Tract Consultants - Boggo Road Urban Village - Fourcourt

Tract Consultants - Boggo Road Urban Village - Grasses

Tract Consultants - Boggo Road Urban Village - Plaza

Tract Consultants - Boggo Road Urban Village - Aerial

Tract Consultants - Boggo Road Urban Village - Sculptures

2010 IES Lighting Design Awards

Boggo Road Gaol has provided a unique opportunity for the creation of Brisbane’s most innovative adaptive reuse of Infamous Heritage Architecture. Unique within the Brisbane redevelopment context, the Boggo Road Urban Village is reinventing Brisbane’s inner southern suburbs of Annerley and Dutton Park, whilst reinvigorating a dormant formative corrective facility and returning it to public use.

In conjunction with the Queensland Government, through Project Services and Connell Wagner, Tract has developed catalytic public plaza and development framework solutions that create usable and sympathetic urban space whilst expanding the everyday functional appeal of the notorius Gaol and its surrounds.

The design consists of a central urban plaza and pedestrian boulevard linking key multi-modal public transport facilities to medium density residential and commercial multistorey units, whilst activating Knowledge Based Research Facilities and Creative Technologies Development Centres. The Urban Design Framework developed for the Material Change of Use encouraged then realised an elegant streetscape arrangement edged and activated by Building Massing responsive to site boundaries, ground and podium level use and key through site access and vistas.
Emphasis has been placed on creating a visually permeable urban precinct, with activated streetscapes of restaurants and café life set amidst the milieu of pedestrians, cyclists and noveau artistic hoi polloi flocking to be a part of this new village life, where history meets innovation through artistry.

Key Village design features include:
  • Thematic and tactile use of cultural linkages of recycled steel and red brick in urban design elements, referencing and complimenting the history and architecture of the Gaol; and
  • Key pedestrian and cyclist linkage between Park Road Station and Annerley Road, with future dedicated connections to Dutton Park, the Eleanor Schonell Bridge and University of Queensland.
  • Integrated equitable access to multi-modal public transport
  • Reiinstatement of public visual and physical access to key civic views 100 years post intial facility development

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