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Berwick Waters - Tract Consultants

Berwick Waters - Open Space Landscaping - Tract Consultants

Berwick Waters - Playground - Tract Consultants

Berwick Waters - Entry Signage - Tract Consultants

Tract Consultants - Berwick Waters - Park Landscape Render

Tract Consultants - Berwick Waters - Playground Render




Clyde North, VIC


$30+ Million


2500 lots


In Progress

Project Brochure

Berwick Waters is a joint-venture development between Australand Residential and Mondous Property Group, in Melbourne's south-east growth corridor. The development is designed around 36 ha of wetlands and will have its own Town Centre.
The sinuous wetlands are a prominent feature and have inspired the estate's signature steel "ribbon", which will be a design element throughout the estate. A key aspect of the new community is access to open space and the natural environment, to promote outdoor activity.

Berwick Waters_____

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