Barangaroo Reserve - Barangaroo Delivery Authority - Hamilton Lund

2015 AILA Presidents Choice Award (NSW)
Project Brochure

Sydney’s prominent Barangaroo Headland Park immerses the user in the heart of the Harbour with a visual, emotional and historic connection to the reserve and headland.

The project was delivered through a design construct process. To ensure that the client and community expectations of design quality were achieved, Tract was commissioned as Peter Walker Partners’ site representative, with responsibility for review and trouble shooting of site issues during the construction phase, ensuring that the final implementation achieved design and quality expectations.

Site-sourced sandstone was sustainably re-used and placed with respect for (but not mimicking) the former natural landscape. Soil and vegetation has been designed as one integrated natural system.
These elements have been brought together in a simple and refined manner to create a unique and delightful experience for pedestrians moving along the winding foreshore.

The design team has created a place where the people of Sydney, NSW, Australia or the world can marvel at the city; experience the ecology; play, relax, climb, cycle; learn about the past landscape; and see at first hand the amazing contribution that landscape architects can make.

Image Supplied By: Barangaroo Delivery Authority
Photographer: Hamilton Lund

Barangaroo Headland Park_____

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