Tract Consultants - 60 Cravens Road - Masterplan

Tract Consultants - 60 Cravens Road - Subdivision Plan

Tract assisted Terranovis on a 268 lot subdivision at 60 Cravens Road in this rapidly developing corridor of Melbourne. The project included initial site analysis and context mapping, proceeding to the preparation of a subdivision plan. The plan sought to embrace the drainage corridor by turning it into a urban design feature and unique landscaped element. It also protected the heritage dwelling by placing it on a large lot and within a hilltop park, retaining its rural context.
Tract prepared the planning permit application on behalf of the client and liased with other sub consultants to achieve a successful permit that allowed a staged subdivision of the site. Tract also prepared the landscape masterplan and concepts for the bridge and other key landscape elements of the estate.

60 Cravens Road_____

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