Tract Consultants - 275 George Street - Pocket Garden

Tract Consultants - 275 George Street - Pedestrian Laneway

Tract was commissioned by Charter Hall and Watpac Constructions for urban design and landscape architectural services to 275 George Street, a keynote Brisbane CBD site.

Our work included close co-ordination with both Crone Partners and Cottee Parker Architects to create a high quality, functional series of connected urban plazas, cafe and bistro dining, corporate building doormats and "people spaces". The design was also responsive to the adjacent streetscape of 275 George Street, providing iconic street frontage for both retail and commercial opportunities.
The design further retains key axial vistas and visual guides through the plazas to the iconic Brisbane City Hall and central plaza node. With the majority of the ground floor dedicated to pedestrian activity, the inclusion of broad pedestrian breezeways and connections, featured art installations and high quality detail provide a safe, equitable and pedestrian responsive output, while being respectful of scale of the architectural elements and the general functionality of these spaces.

Key features of the design include the expansive use and combination of bluestone pavers and porphyry stone as both a decorative functional surface and wayfinding pattern within the plaza. In addition to the intuitive wayfinding promoted by the pavement and art placement, custom designed precast seating bowl planters further strengthen the intuitivity of the wayfinding arrangement by shorelining the plaza space and addressing the vertical building facade interface with the ground plane.

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