Tract Consultants - 108 Flinders Street - Night Lights

Tract Consultants - 108 Flinders Street - Hagging Trees

Tract Consultants - 108 Flinders Street - Rooftop Terrace

Tract Consultants - 108 Flinders Street - Courtyard

2015 AILA Landscape Architecture Award - Design (VIC)
2015 Melbourne Design Awards

The twelve storey apartment building at 108 Flinders Street, Melbourne, designed by Fender Katsalidis Architects, is situated between Flinders Street to the south and ACDC Lane to the north, and provides only a tight internal courtyard and a roof top space for landscaping.

The internal light court, eleven levels high, eighteen metres long and only eight metres wide provides the residents of the apartments with an outlook and natural light. However, the narrowness of the courtyard posed potential privacy issues, with sightlines between apartments on opposite sides.

The landscaping at 108 Flinders Street consists of entirely artificial plants, providing both a sense of privacy and green outlook to a confined site with limited access for the maintenance of a living landscape.
Nine artificial trees hang 'upside down' within the light court, and are positioned to provide privacy and interest for the residents on each floor. A seven storey high artificial "green wall" covers the upper section of the western 'party' wall with a water wall below this green wall links to two water ponds at the ground level.

These pools (h2o designs) have glass bottoms to provide natural light to the drop off foyer of the residential lobby below. An eighteen metre long graphic wall, designed by Emery Studio, complements the space with a whimsical landscape representation, full of colour and movement.

The entirely man made landscape creates a low maintenance solution to the tight 108 Flinders Street site while providing a beneficial and important landscaped solution for local residents.

Photo Credit: Images provided by Riverlee Pty Ltd.

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