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Productive Cities_____

Productive Cities

The Grattan Institute has recently published a report on the role of, and opportunities for Australian cities in a changing economy.

Tract Planners Adam Terrill and Ben Daly heard Sir Rod Eddington, Chairman of Infrastructure Australia and author of the East West study on Melbourne’s transport needs, discuss Productive Cities with the report's author, Jane-Frances Kelly, Director of the Grattan Institute Cities Program.

Despite dodging some difficult questions around Melbourne's future infrastructure investments, Sir Rod was an informed and convincing speaker, citing examples from rapidly developed global Asian cities, he drew comparisons between cities that invested strategically in infrastructure (Hong Kong, Singapore etc.) and those that didn't (Manila and Bangkok).
Report Abstract

"Cities are shaped by where people live, where they work and how they get around. When these three things are in tune with the economy, cities operate efficiently and productively, and drive growth and innovation. Currently, Australian cities leave too many residents living too far from jobs. If we build housing where it is most needed, and improve transport systems to better link firms, jobs and people, this will be good for the economy and good for the fair go."
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