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Penguin Parade Visitor Centre_____

Penguin Parade Visitor Centre - Landscape Site Plan - Tract Consultants

Penguin Parade Visitor Centre

Tract Consultants and Phillip Island Nature Parks have a long project association, starting in 2010 with the Summerland Peninsula Strategic Framework Plan and extending through major projects such as the Summerland Peninsula Master Plan, Churchill Island Key Area Plan and the highly successful Penguin Plus Viewing Area, an eye-level underground penguin view facility designed by Tract Consultants and Wood Marsh Architecture, winning both State and National AILA Tourism Excellence Awards and UN World Environment Day Award.

Tract is currently involved in a consortium led by Terroir Architects for the design of a new Penguin Parade Visitor Centre, arrival facilities and landscape settings to replace the existing centre designed by Daryl Jackson in 1988. The $58.2 million project is a key component of the 2012 Summerland Peninsula Master Plan by Tract. The new visitor centre is due to open in late 2019.
A key to the new design approach is that the new visitor centre will be sited in an already disturbed area 200 metres from the existing site. This location sits at the natural junction of three landscape and habitat types – basalt bluff, coastal dune and coastal wetland. The new visitor experience will be crafted to explore each of these landscapes and provide a richer and more complex nature based tourism experience.

As well as the new visitor centre, the project will restore 6.7 hectares of habitat for little penguins, which can accommodate up to 1,446 breeding penguins and also provide 1.5 hectares of new wetland habitat.

The design of the new visitor centre is being overseen by the Office of Victorian Government Architect’s design review panel and a Nature Parks’ panel of experts.

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