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4 New AILA Members At Tract - Tract Consultants
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4 New AILA Members At Tract_____

Tract Consultants - 4 New AILA Members 4 New AILA Members At Tract - Tract-Consultants-4-New-AILA-Members - AILA

4 New AILA Members At Tract

Tract congratulates its team members Mel Currey, Aki Hatayama, Emma Stevens and Melissa Vukovic for having successfully become registered practitioners with AILA (Australian Institute of Landscape Architects).

Registration is open to those holding approved tertiary qualifications and at least three years of experience. The process involves one year+ of mentorship, attendance at several workshops and a formal interview at the Institute.
Registration provides recognition of a professional status based on advanced skill and a commitment to continuing professional development.

Tract is proud to be the largest employer of registered Landscape Architects in Australia and actively supports all of its team members in contributing to the AILA through a range of professional activities.
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