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We never thought Tarrawarra was destined to hold a mini Grand Prix!_____

We never thought Tarrawarra was destined to hold a mini Grand Prix!

The Tarrawarra Vineyard and Museum of Art features prominently in the new advertisement for the Melbourne Grand Prix.

Founding Director of and design lead on the Tarrawarra project, Steve Calhoun, produced the site masterplan which included the winery, vineyard layout, MOMA Gallery, interconnecting road ways, dams for water supply and revegetation of environmentally sensitive areas of the largely divided farmland.

Local stone from the site was used in many features situated amongst the property and a poplar-lined entry drive creates a clear entrance and the generously landscaped lakes enhance the setting.
Since the masterplan was produced in 1986, Tarrawarra has won numerous awards including the prestigious Design Award from the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) in 1996.

The 320ha former dairy property situated near Yarra Glen in the Yarra Valley has been progressively developed over a twenty-year period, with uses and activities including farming, a family retreat, a winery and a Museum of Art. Originally a treeless dairy farm, it is now one of Australia’s premium rural properties and is now known locally and internationally for its premium wines and has become a popular tourist destination.

Tract maintains an ongoing involvement in the maintenance and improvement of the property as it continues to receive media attention and gather momentum as a cultural destination in the Yarra Valley.

Click here to read more about the Tarrawarra Museum of Art & Vineyard project.
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