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Liveable Melbourne 2015_____

Liveable Melbourne 2015

Tract is delighted to partner with The Age and Deloitte Access Economics to produce Liveable Melbourne, a major research project investigating how liveability varies across Melbourne.

It has received significant coverage, across multiple platforms, including on Saturday’s front page, an editorial, and an opinion piece analysing the relationship between population growth and liveability. Another article looked at how tree cover varied across Melbourne, and continued Sunday with East Melbourne. Today's paper investigates congestion and the most affordable and liveable suburbs, highlighting Sunshine, Frankston North and Jacana.

The study uses 15 indicators to measure the qualities of place, including public transport, open space, tree cover, schools and shops, and for the first time, telecommunications.

For our valued clients and colleagues, we are pleased to release exclusive analysis comparing liveability and house prices, revealing suburbs that are underpriced relative to their liveability.

Of course, everyone has a different definition of liveability, so we have co-developed an online tool, allowing you to ‘find your perfect suburb’ based on your personal preferences.

The research has generated valuable debate about what makes Melbourne special and how change occurs across suburbs. As Plan Melbourne is refreshed, understanding what makes a place liveable and what improvements are needed to create ‘20 minute cities’, is increasingly important.
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