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Introducing MPavilion 2017_____

Introducing MPavilion 2017

Tract is again delighted to be involved as a supporter and collaborator of the MPavilion 2017.

Tract has worked with OMA and the Melbourne-based MPavilion consultant team to design the landscape that will frame this year’s pavilion.
An angular, faceted batter forms the back of the semicircular amphitheatre.

Predominantly South facing, the embankment is draped in a blanket of Australian native grasses. The monoculture swatches of single species reflect the geometry of the batter, while the swaying swords of grass soften the mound.

The plant selection anchors the pavilion in Melbourne, and suggests the many layers of history of the landscape the pavilion is visiting.

We look forward to participating in another summer season of public, design-focussed events.
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