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Inner Melbourne_____

Inner Melbourne

Inner Melbourne - a vast tract of privilege where the elite reproduces itself

Adam Terrill, Senior Principal Town Planner, Tract Consultants
Nevan Wadeson, Director Town Planning, Tract Consultants

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The Yarra River, snaking its way from Warrandyte to Port Melbourne, was once Melbourne’s line of cultural division. But the renaissance of inner city living has supplanted the Yarra for the Ring Road and Eastlink. The rich have descended on the inner suburbs, displacing Victoria Bitter, Commodores and donuts with Peronis, fixies and macaroons. It can be said that Inner Melbourne is becoming a vast area of privilege where the elite reproduces itself.

It shouldn’t be this way. This stratification of privilege may lead to a myriad of social problems. Workers live far from jobs, spending too much time and money on transport. Children segregate and grow up knowing only those from the same socio-economic group. People experience minimal economic or social diversity in their lives. It fosters smugness and elitism. It nibbles away at our famous egalitarianism.
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